Domaine Chandon 2011 Carneros Clone 667 Pinot Noir

IMG_0964I have posted before about having a gift certificate to the restaurant at the winery at Chandon.  The restaurant closed and we were left with a gift certificate that had no value.  That is until we called the winery.  Chandon honored the gift certificate with wine.  What a great deal and we joined the wine club and doubled our value.

Sandra and I have had a few different bottles of Chandon’s wines.  I normally associate Chandon with sparkling wines.  They do some really nice sparkling wines.  The Pinot clones (They have several) are very good examples of what can be produced on the Napa valley floor.  We have enjoyed Pinot Nior’s clones 667 and 777.

To the wine:

The nose on this Pinot Noir was strong with dark cherry and muted plum notes.  I found the nose to be very nice and a good start to a good glass of wine.

The tasting phase.  During the tasting phase I received tobacco, and smoke.  I found this to be very different from the Pinot Noir’s from the Carneros area.  The tasting notes faded slowly.

The finish to this Chandon Carneros Pinot Noir had a small warmth to it.  There was a pull on he front of the tongue.  The finish stays with you for a while.  All and all, this was a nice finish to this wine.

Conclusion:  I like this wine and since we are in their wine club, I am sure we will be seeing more of this.