Beaulieu Vineyards Cabernet Sauvignon Clone 4 2009

IMG_0962Sandra and I stopped by Beaulieu Vineyards tasting room (George de Latour) back around a year ago and were surprised to walk into a library vertical tasting of George de Latour.  We sampled George de Latour from the early 80’s to present.  This was a very interesting experience and we have never been able to sample vintages like that.  Both of us loved the experience, but vintage wines is not something we are going to invest in.  Since we were able to do the library tasting for no cost, it was an easy sale to join their wine club.  They just asked us to get a minimum of two wine shipments.  This bottle was part of one of those wine club shipments.

This bottle of Beaulieu Vineyards, Rutherford, Napa Valley, Cabernet Sauvignon, Clone 4, stood out to us, when we tasted it at the winery.  Sorry for the choppy sentence.  What Clone 4 is, is a clone taken from Argentina and then grown in Rutherford AVA (Valley floor) in the Napa Valley.  Spoiler alert….this is a great bottle of wine.

To the wine:

Nose:  The nose on this Cabernet Sauvignon was full of plum and cherry notes.  I would rate the nose to be medium in intensity.  There was a hint of spice notes here.

Taste:  During the tasting phase I received plum and cherry notes with a very tangy spice notes.

Finish:  The finish of this Cabernet Sauvignon was full of fruit notes.  There was also a medium warmth to the finish that stayed with you.    The finish had a nice spice note and the finish was quality.

Beaulieu Vineyard Cabernet Sauvignon Clone 6


Beaulieu Vineyard’s, Cabernet Sauvignon Clone 6 is a bottle  of wine we acquired though being part of their wine club.  I do not believe this wine can be purchased though distribution, but it is available at the winery’s tasting room.  We were members of BV George Latour’s wine club, for a very shot time.  We stopped the wine club because we simply had too much good wine at our house and we needed time to drink what we already have.  Sandra opened up this bottle the other night and was raving about it.  I unfortunately had some milk chocolate before I started to sample this wine.  I did not get any nose or anything from this wine, except a nice warming finish.  On the second pour, this wine came to life for me.  Nice floral and berry nose greeted me.  I am happy that my first impression on this wine, was not my last impression.  Nice nose, engaging on your mid and back palate nicely and a warm finish.  Quality wine.

Sandra loves this wine and the best part of the wine is the nose.  Yummy is a direct quote.  We both liked it so much, we gave the same bottle to my parents for their anniversary.  We would buy this wine again and we have a few more bottles from BV, that are of the same quality.