Alpha Omega Cabernet Franc, Napa Valley 2012


If you have read my posts on Alpha Omega, you will know that both Sandra and I are huge fans of the winery and the wine they produce.  The Cabernet Franc is a great example of their level of wine making.  Sandra is a big fan of Cabernet Franc’s and when Alpha Omega came out with theirs, we were there to sample it (and buy it).  I will admit here that I am biased, but this is a very good bottle of wine.  I will keep this short.

Nose:  The nose on this Cabernet Franc was light and had some spice and strawberry notes.  The nose was enjoyable.

Tasting phase:  The tasting phase had some spice notes, with a slight berry notes.  I will go as far as to say there was some tangy notes, to the tasting phase.

Finish:  The finish had spice and strawberry notes.  I found the wine pulls from the back of the tongue.  The finish had a quality to it that I have come to expect from Alpha Omega wines.

I can solve the riddle of if we have purchased more of this wine and we have.  We are headed to the winery this weekend  for a private tasting, with the Director of Sales.  He wants some input on the experience at the winery, for its customers.  By the way, the view from the tasting area is great in the winter months.  Mountains, fog, clouds, and cool weather equal a great tasting experience.

Alph Omega Malbec 2013

IMG_0954I am a huge fan of Alpha Omega winery.  I think that they are producing some of the best wine in the Napa valley.  Since Sandra and I are members of their wine club, this wine was picked up as part of a wine shipment.  We also both enjoy the grounds of Alpha Omega and if you get a chance, you should stop by.  This Malbec is a new varietal for Alpha Omega as per my understanding.  We sampled this wine at the winery and looked forward to enjoying it at home.

To the wine:

Noes.  The nose on this Malbec was light with berry and fruit notes.  This is not normal for a Alpha Omega wine.  Normally, Alpha produces “Statement” wines, with strong nose.  I would have liked a little more nose on this wine.

Taste:  During the tasting phase I experienced a berry and spice notes, that pull from the middle of the tongue.  The spice notes were very distinctive and welcomed.

Finish:  The finish on this Malbec left me with spice and fruit notes.  I also could sense the tannis in this wine.

Conclusion:  This may surprise you, since I am such a big fan of Alpha Omega, but I do not think this wine is up to the standards of Alpha Omega.  Now the bar is set very high for anything they produce, so I am not saying this is a bad bottle of wine.  I am saying just the opposite.  This is a pretty good bottle of wine, it just is not at the same level as the rest of the Alpha Omega wines.  Yes I am being picky here, but I am also being honest.

I look forward to going back to the winery and talking to them about this wine.  Maybe sample some more.

Alpha Omega 2009 Cabernet Sauvignon

IMAG0255First off I am bias here, I really like their wines.  Alpha Omega Winery is in the heart of the Napa valley and in my opinion, they are producing the best wine in Napa.  The wine is a little pricey, but worth it.  If you get a chance to taste at the winery, you will be impressed.  They have quite a range of quality wines for sale.

Now to the wine.  This bottle of Cabernet Sauvignon is a great example of what a good bottle of Cab could be.  The nose on this wine was very strong and full of berries.  Very full bodied and it lets you know there is wine in the glass.  The taste pulls mid tongue with a faint coffee not.  The wine is pretty dry with a cherry and berry tang.  The finish was dry and lasting and I will say intense.  The finish was also semi-warm and had a quality to it that must be tasted and very hard to explain.

I will be buying more of this wine.

Sandra says: Yum, more please.


Alpha Omega Malbec Zinfandel 2011



First off, I am reviewing a wine that no one has the ability to purchase.  I know this is a little strange, but I think it is important to get the word out about this wine.  I am guessing Alpha Omega will do it again.  This bottle of Alph Omega Malbec Zinfandel came in a wine club shipment and has been hiding in our wine jail for a while.  I have never seen this wine available to taste at the winery or is on the companies website.

This is a really good bottle of wine and as I think have stated before, I think Alpha Omega is producing the best wine in the Napa valley. The wine was very light for a Malbec and had a warm Zinfandel finish.  The nose was light and full of blackberries and this is what the Malbec brings to the table.  The Zinfandel brings a negative (good thing) spice warm finish and is light on the tannins.  The clarity of the wine was very clear and a deep red.  Malbec is almost a purple colored grape, the blend gives a unique wine tasting experience.  If given an opportunity to taste again “More Please.”

Sandra says: Burnt Berry finish, mellow and not too dry.  The Zinfandel brought the fruitiness and very nice clarity.

Wine Tasting With Friends



Sandra and I invited my friends wine tasting in Napa.  We started at Domaine Carnaros and stopped by the Rutherford Grill for lunch. After lunch we went to Alpha Omega, and finished things off at Charles Kurg.  Nothing like hitting the high spots in Napa.  Guys, thanks for a great day of fun and great wine.  Oh and we did come home with some great wine too.   BTW, Mark took all the pictures, so he is not pictured.  Thanks for being the photo guy Mark.

Alpha Omega 2012 Sauvignon Blanc

IMAG0123I am a huge fan of the vintner, Alpha Omega.  I will confess that I am a wine club member and this wine came in one of the last couple of distributions.  We always go to the winery to pickup our wine club distributions.  The reason for this is Alpha Omega is a great place to visit, the people are very friendly, and they let you taste anything you want.  It is “ALL” good and I believe they are producing the best wine in the valley.  We are always going into the back to do barrel tastings and this adds a uniqueness to the wine tasting experience.  I do not believe you need to be wine club members to get into the back room, but it does not hurt.

I selected this wine because I wanted a  light wine, that was not full of oak flavor.  Lately I have not been into real oakie white wines.  This wine does not go through Malolatic Fermentation, so no super oak taste.  Without the Malolatic Fermentation, this leads to a light and very crisp wine.  I tried it at a couple different temperatures and the wine was just great.  I tried it chilled and at room temperature.  The nose on the wine was very slight and enjoyable.  The listed price or this wine is $38 and all though it cast a few bucks, I think it is worth it.  Join the wine club and the price comes down.   Two thumbs up.