Girard Winery Mixed Blacks 2013 Red Wine


Girard Winery produces some pretty good wines.  They have a full range of wine varietals at a very reasonable cost (for Napa).  Sandra and I stop into the tasting room, when we are in Yountville.  The tasting room is not very large, but the staff make it work for you.  I have been stopped in the parking lot letting me know they have something unique to taste, buy one of their wine servers.  They are on the main drag in Yountville, but be aware, it is a little hard to see it from the road.  The first time we visited the tasting room, we had to call them three times.  It was worth the effort, as we are wine club members.  Their price point and quality make it possible to pick up a mixed case, for a few hundred dollars.

To the wine:  The term “Mixed Blacks” is meant for the wine that is sourced from a 100 year old vines of unknown varietals.  It is believed that there is even some white wine grapes in it.  Girard simply do not know what is in the field, but they have made wine out of it.

Nose:  The nose on this mixed red wine was strong on the nose, that had no spice notes, but a hint of strawberry.  I will add that there was a hint of berry notes.  The nose was unique and pleasant.

Tasting phase:  During the tasting phase was full of strawberry, plum and jam notes.  This was very unique and there was a certain quality to it.

Finish:  The finish on this mixed red wine was pleasant and warm.  There were spice, strawberry, and jammy notes.  Again, this is a unique wine experience.

In the end, Sandra and I have sourced another bottle of this wine from the tasting room in Yountville, California.  It is just a unique bottle of wine that is distinct.  I will call it a statement wine, for those willing to take a risk.

Alph Omega Malbec 2013

IMG_0954I am a huge fan of Alpha Omega winery.  I think that they are producing some of the best wine in the Napa valley.  Since Sandra and I are members of their wine club, this wine was picked up as part of a wine shipment.  We also both enjoy the grounds of Alpha Omega and if you get a chance, you should stop by.  This Malbec is a new varietal for Alpha Omega as per my understanding.  We sampled this wine at the winery and looked forward to enjoying it at home.

To the wine:

Noes.  The nose on this Malbec was light with berry and fruit notes.  This is not normal for a Alpha Omega wine.  Normally, Alpha produces “Statement” wines, with strong nose.  I would have liked a little more nose on this wine.

Taste:  During the tasting phase I experienced a berry and spice notes, that pull from the middle of the tongue.  The spice notes were very distinctive and welcomed.

Finish:  The finish on this Malbec left me with spice and fruit notes.  I also could sense the tannis in this wine.

Conclusion:  This may surprise you, since I am such a big fan of Alpha Omega, but I do not think this wine is up to the standards of Alpha Omega.  Now the bar is set very high for anything they produce, so I am not saying this is a bad bottle of wine.  I am saying just the opposite.  This is a pretty good bottle of wine, it just is not at the same level as the rest of the Alpha Omega wines.  Yes I am being picky here, but I am also being honest.

I look forward to going back to the winery and talking to them about this wine.  Maybe sample some more.

The Black Stump Durif Shiraz 2013



I was hunting for some wine the other night for a late dinner.  I was looking for a Red wine that had some substance.  I scanned the table where we have quite a few bottles and this one stood out.  Sandra and I are on a wine buying stoppage.  We have bought too much wine (Yes that can be a problem)  and now it is time to drink it.  I normally would not drink a 2013, but it was on the table and well, it fit the bill.  For a young Australian wine, it was pretty good.  Yes I drank it before I should have, so this is not really a detailed perspective of what this wine could be.  The nose had a good berry aroma and the finish was immature, but pleasant.  I think if I let the bottle lay down for a couple of years, this wine would have changed.  I think it would become warmer and the finish would be more pronounced.  Please do not get me wrong, this is a decent bottle of wine and I did enjoy drinking it.  It was 100 degrees outside and this was light enough not to heat things up any more.  I would buy this wine again, but I would hold onto it for a few years.