Coppala Winery Director’s Cut 2011 Zinfandel


This bottle of Coppala Winery, Director’s Cut 2011, was picked up at the winery, during our trip to upper Sonoma.  Sandra and I went to Sonoma to take a helicopter ride through Alexander Valley.  We later stopped by several of the wineries that we flew over.  The Director’s Cut is the most expensive bottle of wine that they had for sale that day.  It retails for around $60.  Honestly Sandra and I did not think about the cost of the wine, as $60 is not that much.  The Directors’s cut is a 2011 Zinfandel and the grapes were sourced from Dry Creek Valley, in Sonoma county.

To the wine:

Nose:  The nose on this Zinfandel had an interesting sweet spice notes, with some black berry hints. The nose was about medium and it did not take of a swirl to get the nose.

Taste:  During the tasting phase, I got a substantial spice and black berry notes.  There was no sweet jammy notes.  I am not a big fan of Zinfandel’s that are overly sweet or Jammy.

Finish:  The finish on this Coppala Zinfandel was very mellow.  This is not normal for a Zinfandel.  The spice notes were very mild and dry to the tongue.  The finish stays with you a bit, but no real warmth.

Conclusion:  Coppala Winery is an interesting visit.  It had a lot of movie memorabilia and is a destonation winery.  People were swimming in the pool and eating lunch.  Coppala wine can be purchased through normal distribution.  I do not believe this particular wine, but Sandra and I would probably not purchase this wine again  There is simply too many good wineries in Sonoma and this is a good bottle of wine, but not a big stand out.

La Storia 2010 Zinfandel by Trentadue



Sandra and I found a winery called Trentadue, in the upper Sonoma (Alexander Valley).  We were up there for a helicopter tour of the wineries, in the Alexander Valley.  We decided to do a little “Free-styling” wine tasting.  Free-Styling is driving down roads that you do not know where they lead and look for wineries.  We have found small wineries this way and love doing it.

Now to the wine:  This 2010 Zinfandel had a muted nose with light berry essence.  The wine really engages the front part of the tongue.  The wine did not have any of the syrup-ie Zin that you sometimes run into in areas that do not get there Zin grapes fully ripe.  The finish on this Zinfandel was very beg….really big.  It was a little sweet with a lot of spice.  This added a lot to the wine and created a semi-complex tasting experience.  The finish lasts a long time.

Sandra says: Good wine.  Nose: little coco (slight) with a baking flavor.  The finish at first was big but tapers off.

Brutocao Cellars Primitivo 2010



I had the good fortune to come home and see my wife had opened up a bottle of Brutocao Primitivo 2010.  We picked up this bottle on our latest wine tasting trip, to Anderson Valley (Fort Bragg, Ca).  The Brutocao winery is a low key tasting environment and very friendly.  We were not rushed and were encouraged to stay and walk the grounds.   This encouraged us to purchase more wine 🙂

This Primitivo can stand on it’s own or it can be paired with pretty much anything.  It is not an over strong or over powering wine.  The wine had an Italian influence, dark red color, with no sediment.  The wine has a pleasant nose on it and the finish is very smoothly.  The wine is very easy to drink and if I remember right, the price was under $30.