Honoro Vera 2013 Granacha

IMG_0930Sandra picked up this bottle of Honoro Vera 2013 Granacha (Spain) at our local wine super store. Sandra admitted that the label is what attracted her to the wine.  We know nothing about Honoro Vera, so this was a risk.  We consider this bottle of wine to be a splurge purchase.  The wine cost around $9 US.  We were not expecting much, but we were surprised.

To the wine:

The Nose:  The nose on this wine was very light and had very nice strawberry notes.  I have not had many Spanish Granacha’s, but the nose on this wine was pretty nice.  Again, this is a $9 bottle of wine.

Tasting phase:  During the tasting phase, I experienced some very nice strawberry and cherry notes. The cherry notes were a surprise, but they are there.

The Finish:  The finish on this Honoro Vera 2013 Granacha was big and bold.  I received some very nice strawberry notes and a good amount of warmth.  The wine pulls hard from the middle of the tongue.  All and all

Conclusion:  This wine is a winner from multiple reasons.  First is the price point.  This wine is an inexpensive bottle of wine.  Well worth the price.  The second is that it pairs well with pretty much anything.  The wine had a nice finish and both Sandra and I enjoyed it.  We will pick up more of this wine.


Nostrada Estate Wines Granacha 2013


This bottle of Nostrad Estate Wines Granacha 2013 is another bottle that Sandra and I picked up at our local wine super store.  It too was under $10 US and we knew nothing about it, except it was from Spain.  We were looking for good wine deals and expanding our view on Spanish, Italian, and South American wines.  This Garnacha came with the designations of “Campo De Borja”  and “Denominacion De Origen.”  This designates the area in Spain and its appellation.  We did not know exactly where these locations were when we bought the bottle of wine, but we had a good idea that this was something better than table wine.  By the way, we have nothing against “table wine.”

To the wine:

Nose:  The nose of this Garnacha was big on spice notes.  I also received a light berry notes.  I really liked the boldness of the spice notes on the nose of this wine.  This gave a good amount of distinctness to the wine tasting experience.

Taste:  The tasting phase gave me more berry notes than spice, but in a different way.  I think the terrior had a lot to do with this.  The appellation is located in the province of Zaragoza, in a transition area between the Iberian System of mountain ranges and the Ebro Valley.

Finish:  The finish on this Garnacha was a little watery.  The berries came out well in the finish, but there was only a hint of spice notes.  The finish did stay with you for a while and I think this is what made this wine pair so well with the pizza I was eating.  I was surprised with the watery finish, but this did not drastically detract from the wine tasting experience.

Conclusion:  Another good quality wine for under $10 US.  I cannot fault this wine, except for the slight distraction of the watery finish.  All and all, a pretty good bottle of wine that I would purchase again.

Dios Ares Crianza Rioja 2008

IMAG0235This Dios Ares Crianza Rioja 2008 was recently acquired, with a run to the local wine store.  I am trying to drink more Spanish wines.  I seem to have a bug about drinking more of “out of my comfort zone” wines.  I believe this wine was around $10 US, so it was an inexpensive bottle of wine.  I think the Spanish wines are a great bargain right now.

Now to the wine:  The nose of this Crianza Rioja was very slight nose and I found it very hard to explain.  I have to swirl it vigorously to get any sense of the nose.  I do not drink a lot of Rioja’s, so this is a baseline for me.  The tasting of the wine really engages the tongue.  On the paleete, I got a taste of strawberries and was very light.  The finish was very muted and semi ware.  I have a hint of spice and the wine had a very nice dark cherry color.

Conclusion:  For a $10 bottle of wine this, was a decent bottle of wine.  This is a great Pizza wine.  Also, sine I do not drink a lot of Spanish wines, I cannot say if the wine lives up to the labeled of Crianza.  Yes it was enjoyable, so I will have to leave it at that.

La Cantera Carinena Reserva 2006


This La Cantera Carinena Reserva 2006 came in a recent Wall Street Journal wine shipment.  This wine had a very nice red color and nice clarity.  The nose was had a slight berry smell and was slightly muted.  The wine was dry but not too dry and it had a good balance.  The finish was warm and off the back of your tongue.  The finish also was muted.  This wine can stand on its own, but we paired it with some spaghetti and meatballs.  I have not had many Spanish wines and I thought the quality of this wine was good.  I look to try more Spanish wines.  I prefer a wine make a bigger statement than this one did, but by no means, was this a bad bottle of wine.  Sandra and I enjoyed.

Lime Leaf Vino Blanco 2011


Lime leaf Vino Blanco 2011 came in the latest Wall Street Journal wine shipment.  Sandra and I opened this on a very hot day (100+) and boy did it go down easy.  Very floral notes on the nose, with a smooth finish.  No oak flavor!!!!  This wine is very similar to a Sauvignon Blanc in many ways.  This bottle did come with a screw top, which is not something I get excited about.  This is a good table wine that would be good for a lunch and pair with pretty much anything.  This wine has its place and just make sure you have a chill on the bottle.

Sandra likes this wine and the floral notes.  Did I say that the wine went down easy?  As a table wine, this is an easy buy.  We would buy this wine again for a lunch or another hot day.

Gran Bombero 2010 Garnacha

IMAG0129 (1)This Spanish Gran Bombero 2010 Garnacha came in the latest Wall Street Journal’s wine club shipment.  For those who were not aware of the Wall Street Journal’s wine club, they have a very good club and it is reasonably priced.  I am a member of the club, because this club will send me wines that I have never heard of and from regions I have never tasted from.  I received two bottles of this Garnacha.

The Garnacha had a light but fruity nose on it and a high alcohol content.  This was vary visible after the swirl for smelling the nose, of the wine.  the wine had very pronounced legs and a very warm finish.  Part of the warm finish was due to that high alcohol content.  This was not a distraction, it added to the complexity of the wine.  There is a balance to this wine and I believe the alcohol content and the fruitiness played well together.  The wine had a nice clarity to it and no sediment.  Since the wine came in a wine club shipment, I googled the price and the street price for this wine is $15 to $19 dollars.  I enjoyed the wine enough that I would order it with a meal or picked up another bottle at the wine store.