Olof Cellars 2009 Barbera Estate Grown

IMG_0914Sandra and I picked up this bottle of Olof Cellars 2009 Barbera Estate Grown at a wine event in San Francisco.  The event was very crowded and we were looking for open vintners to sample their wines.

Olof Cellars was open and we jumped in.  Olof Cellars is located in the Lakeport, Ca.  This Northern California vinter is making wine in an area not really known for its wine making.  We were attracted to Olof because the people pouring tastings were wearing Viking helmets.  What does Viking helmets and wine tasting have in common?  Nothing but a marketing theme and really nice people.

To the wine:

Nose:  The nose on this 2009 Barbera was slightly muted nose.  I smelled a slight sent of rubber hose and grass.  These are not normal tasting notes for a Barbera and trust me, it is good.  “Rubber Hose” may not be the best description, but its valid and no this is not a tribute to the documentary “Somm.”

Tasting:  During the tasting phase, I received nice cherry notes.  I did also get a sweetness from this wine.  It was not overly sweet, but you can tell it is sweet.  I think this is because of the terrior of the area and the heat that comes to this area.  Lakeport is not a cool temperature location and the grapes mature to a very full state.

Finish:  The finish is sweet and semi tangy.  I received nice cherry notes and a small amount of heat that stays with you.

Conclusion:  Sandra and I both liked this wine enough to purchase it at a wine event, but this one is not a wine that is in distribution, as I know of.  I support them and would enjoy tasting the wine again.