Elyse 2008 Le Corbeau Los Carneros


This bottle of Elyse 2008 Le Corbeau Hudson Vineyard Los Carneros, was sourced at the winery and it was a very interesting tasting visit.  Napa has some pretty screwy wine tasting laws and they have tasting laws that punish the new guys.  The big wineries have the ability to do tastings at any time.  The new wineries don’t.  They have to do tastings by appointment only.  We were wine tasting free styling (driving down side roads, not sure what you are going to find).  We saw Elyse and put on the brakes.  When we walked into the tasting room, we were told that we could not taste, because we did not have an appointment.  I asked the server when the next appointment was.  He stated that the current appointment had canceled, so I walked outside and called the winery, to make an appointment.  It worked and we sampled some great wine.

To the wine:

First off, the wine is called Le Corbeau, which translates to “The Raven.”  The wine is a blend of 90% Grenache and 10% Syrah.  This is not a normal blend that we run into.  I am pretty sure we purchased this wine because of its uniqueness.

Nose:  The nose on this Grenache and Syrah blend was full of berry notes.  The nose was medium in strength and was pleasant.

Taste:  During the tasting phase, I received berry and spice notes.  These notes were not particular strong, but strong enough to make a statement.

Finish:  The finish of this blend pulls from all over the tongue.  This was different, but interesting at the same time.  The finish had light berry notes and was of medium in strength.

Conclusion:  I have never had a Grenache, Syrah blend, so I do not have a way of comparing this wine, but I would buy this wine again.  This wine can pair with almost anything.  I also suggest stopping by the winery.  It is a small tasting room and call and make an appointment.