D’ Autrefois Pays Doc 2011 Reserve Pinot Noir


Ok, this D’Autrefois 2011 Reserve Pinot Noir, was a blind purchase, at the wine store.  Sandra wanted something different and I knew that since its says on the bottle “Pays D’oc”, it would be a half way decent French classic style wine.  I have to say the label on this wine is very confusing.  I see reserve, I see Pinot Noir, and I see “Product of France”, it is just done in the French wine labeling style (France has labeling laws).  Whats in the bottle is more important than the label, so now about the wine.

The nose was a very pleasant and had a light berries smell.  The nose was on the light side, but you did not have to swirl it very hard, to get the nose present.  On the palette it was mid tongue and pulled lightly.  The finish was very slight for me and does not linger.  The wine had a very slight warming feel.  I say this because, I like bold wines and this is a classic french style wine.  You can have a bold French wine, but the fruit needs to be mature.  The fruit used in this wine was slightly immature, but still was good.  I say a decent bottle of wine and I am glad Sandra picked it.  If I remember correctly the wine was sub $20.  I cannot complain about the wine, especially if its under $20.

Some side notes.  13% alcohol (probably why the finish does not linger) and was aged on French oak for 6 months.

Laurent-Perrier Champagne 2002

photo (3)


Ok, we have bubbles (Sandra Loves Bubbles).  I have to be honest, I do not drink a log to French Champagne, but to start the dinner the other night, we ordered this bottle of Laurent-Perrier Champagne 2002.  It was a French restaurant, so it was fitting we do a French Champane.  Unlike the Pinot Noir we ordered later in the evening, this was a order, that no one disagreed with.  This Champagne was very much an “old world” Champagne and we all enjoyed it.  It was a very full Champagne and the fruit stood out on the front end.  Unlike the new world Napa sparkling wines, this wine was very balanced and consistent.  It is very hard to explain, but it is a positive all the way around.  Although I prefer Napa over France, this was a really good bottle of Champagne.

The details on the wine is that it was very light with a balanced finish.  Nothing stood out except “good.”  There was a light nose on the bubbles and a very smooth finish.

Sandra Says: Creamy, smooth and an elegant finish.  What more to say.  Yes we would buy another bottle of these bubbles.

Cotes-Du-Rone Mon Coeur 2011



I was given a bottle of Cotes-Du-Rone Mon Coeur 2011, as a gift from a vendor.  Kyle from CDW.com who was my golf partner, during last weekends fund raising tournament.  The Cotes-Du-Rone Mon Coeur had a tough road to get into my hands.  The wine had a tough road getting to me.  It was stored in a car for a bit in 90 degree weather.  This is not good for the wine.  It may have hurt the bottle, but I could not tell.  The bottle was a French wine from the upper “Control” quality level.  This means that it follows some really strict rules for creating the wine.  The bottle definitely tasted old world wine making vs. the more modern techniques of California.

I started with the wine by it self, to see if it could stand on its own.  Yes it can, but it took a few sips to get the full taste and smell of the wine.  At first you do not smell the nose on this wine, but after a few sips, I got a slight berry front end for the nose.  The wine has a very warm mid-pallet and finish.  The finish stays with you and draws off the mid-palate  and the back of your tongue.  The barbecued ribs came next and the wine  paired well.   This did not surprise me, but hey it works for me.