Fantini Farnese 2013 Montepulicino D’Abruzzo

IMG_0922Sandra and I made an effort to try some different wines, that we have never seen or heard about.  This is one of the bottles we picked up at our local wine super store.  The wine was under $10 US, so we did not know what to expect.  It is a control wine from Italy and it came with the designation of “Denominazione Di Origine Controllata.” This lead us to believe that the wine was of a certain standard and not just some fancied up table wine.  The wines complete name is Fantini Farnese 2013 Montepulciano D’Abruzo.  Since Sandra and I don’t really follow the Italian wines too closely, but we had high hopes for this nice bottle of wine.

To the wine:

Nose:  The nose on this wine was full of black berries and spice notes.  The nose was medium in intensity and was pleasant.  This was a nice surprise because the last couple of bottles of wine Sandra and I have shared, were light on the nose.

Taste:  The tasting phase produced a taste of black berries and strawberries.  Again, this was of medium intensity and was pleasant.

Finish:  The finish to this wine had a lot of heat too it.  This added to the tasting experience and was a pleasant surprise.  The finish also had a good amount of spice notes too it, that falls off quickly.  I would have preferred a longer finish, but this did not detract from the wine tasting experience.

Conclusion:  Yes I would purchase this wine again.  The wine is not a statement wine, but for $10 US, it is a good deal.  Since I drank this wine without Sandra, I will have to pick up another bottle to share with her.  She was not to thrilled with me, but what can I say.  I wanted some wine with dinner 🙂