The Black Stump Durif Shiraz 2013



I was hunting for some wine the other night for a late dinner.  I was looking for a Red wine that had some substance.  I scanned the table where we have quite a few bottles and this one stood out.  Sandra and I are on a wine buying stoppage.  We have bought too much wine (Yes that can be a problem)  and now it is time to drink it.  I normally would not drink a 2013, but it was on the table and well, it fit the bill.  For a young Australian wine, it was pretty good.  Yes I drank it before I should have, so this is not really a detailed perspective of what this wine could be.  The nose had a good berry aroma and the finish was immature, but pleasant.  I think if I let the bottle lay down for a couple of years, this wine would have changed.  I think it would become warmer and the finish would be more pronounced.  Please do not get me wrong, this is a decent bottle of wine and I did enjoy drinking it.  It was 100 degrees outside and this was light enough not to heat things up any more.  I would buy this wine again, but I would hold onto it for a few years.




IMAG0175Sandra and I shared this Mt. Jagged Chardonnay, Semillon,  Sauvignon Blanc 2011 wine, which we received from our Wall Street Journal wine shipment.  This was a white wine that is from Southern Australia.  The wine was light and you really can taste the Semillon.  The wine is really front loaded on the nose and the front of the tongue.  The finish kind of fell off.  We paired the wine later with some Mexican Lasagna.  The wine came alive and paired well with it.  The spice helped the finish of the wine and made it very enjoyable.  The lightness of the wine and the temperature outside really was a good choice.

Sandra thinks:  Very light and a little fruity on the front of the tongue and nothing on the back.  Adult cool aid 🙂

Verdict:  We would buy the wine again, if it was  the easy to find at the wine store and it was hot outside.