The Hess Collection Cabernet Sauvignon 2012


Sandra and I mail ordered this bottle of The Hess Collection Cabernet Sauvignon 2012.  We used and it was pretty easy.  Both Sandra and I like Hess wines and have been to the winery. Hess has a very eclectic art collection at the winery. The flaming typewriter was my favorite piece of art.

To the wine:

Nose:  The nose on this Cabernet Sauvignon was very light on the berry and cherry notes.  I had a hard time getting any nose from this wine.

Tasting Phase:  While tasting this wine I received blackberry and plum notes.  I normally do not get plum tasting notes from a Cabernet Sauvignon.  The berry notes were very strong.  How the tasting phase was so strong and the nose was so light, is a mystery to me.

Finish:  The finish of this wine on this Cabernet Sauvignon had blackberry and  plum notes.  The finish was very warm and stayed with me for a while.  The wine really pulls off the tongue and finished well.

Conclusion:  We would purchase this wine again.

Honoro Vera 2013 Granacha

IMG_0930Sandra picked up this bottle of Honoro Vera 2013 Granacha (Spain) at our local wine super store. Sandra admitted that the label is what attracted her to the wine.  We know nothing about Honoro Vera, so this was a risk.  We consider this bottle of wine to be a splurge purchase.  The wine cost around $9 US.  We were not expecting much, but we were surprised.

To the wine:

The Nose:  The nose on this wine was very light and had very nice strawberry notes.  I have not had many Spanish Granacha’s, but the nose on this wine was pretty nice.  Again, this is a $9 bottle of wine.

Tasting phase:  During the tasting phase, I experienced some very nice strawberry and cherry notes. The cherry notes were a surprise, but they are there.

The Finish:  The finish on this Honoro Vera 2013 Granacha was big and bold.  I received some very nice strawberry notes and a good amount of warmth.  The wine pulls hard from the middle of the tongue.  All and all

Conclusion:  This wine is a winner from multiple reasons.  First is the price point.  This wine is an inexpensive bottle of wine.  Well worth the price.  The second is that it pairs well with pretty much anything.  The wine had a nice finish and both Sandra and I enjoyed it.  We will pick up more of this wine.


Bella Grace 2010 Zinfandel

IMG_0936Ok, this is not a normal post.  Sandra and I really like to talk with the vintners in the wine isle of Cosco. We gambled regularly on the local wineries, as I think our support is important.  Who knows who might be reading these posts from a good search.

Bella Grace Winery winery is local to us (within 40 miles).  Amador country produces some pretty good wine.  I am still an Anderson Valley guy, but I can appreciate what is being produced in Amador country. The Zinfandel’s in this area are really good.

To the wine:

As I stated, this wine was sourced at Costco at a very good price, with help from a person who works at the winery.

Nose:  The nose had some distinct cherry notes with a light spice notes.  I considered the nose to be pleasant and not a wall flower.  It was there, just not super strong.

Taste:  The tasting phase  had cherry and strawberry notes.  I received a medium spice note, with good warmth.

Finish:  The finish has some distinctness.  The wine pulls from the middle of the tongue.  This produces a dryness the is pleasant and adds to the finish.  I received some good spice notes that really stayed with you.  The finish is warm and just like the spice notes, it stays with you for a while.

Conclusion:   This is a good bottle of wine, that paired well with the sausages we had that evening.

Noceto OGP 2010 Zinfandel


Sandra and I were guests of a wine tasting trip to Amador county, California.  The trip went through some of  the popular wineries of Amador County.  Amador has some great Zinfandels.  This is an area that we have not tasted in.  We stopped at the Nocento toward the end of our tasting trip.  The wineries of this area are very friendly and quite big.  Both Sandra and I were surprised.  This is an area that is not irrigated, the water comes from the ground water.  Roots go down on average 35 feet and the vines are not tressled.  This creates a situation where the vines takes care of them self and are not as clean in appearance as Napa Valley.

To the wine:

Nose:  This wine had a great strawberry nose with a nice spice note. The nose was not strong, but was just enough, to get the essence of this wine.

Tasting Phase:  While tasting this Zinfandel, I experienced a very nice strawberry notes.  The sweetness of this wine had a nice sweetness, that was not overly sweet.

Finish:  The finish of this wine was warm and had no sweetness.  The wine has an alcohol level of 15.5%, so this is a warm wine.

Conclusion:  Yes I would buy this wine again.  Amador terrior and stressed vines, makes some unique wines.  I like the stress that comes from non-irrigated vines.  I found the people working at the wineries to be very nice and helpful.  They are very interested in talking about their wines and there was no hint of assembly line processing.